Craftsmanship and enterprise

SelektMeat has a rich past, where craftsmanship and enterprise go hand in hand. Innovative thinking and acting have played an active role in this, from the very first butcher’s shop in Tzum up until the present day, in our current business premises in Harlingen. At the age of 20, current owner and founder, Jacob Roorda, started his small business in Tzum together with his wife, Petra Bloemsma. In the 1990s, the family concern expanded to become a wholesale business which served the market around Franeker with a wide range of products. In particular, it was the variety and speciality of products that Roorda supplied that won him a reputation in the local region. In 1998, SelektMeat moved into new premises in Harlingen, with modern machinery and a cooling plant in place to secure the future of the company.

Second generation

As a young boy, Peter Roorda was not averse to lending his father a helping hand in the business. After his studies, he joined the business in 2001 and introduced a new product category: meat and fish carpaccio. In 2012, the Fortuna Carpaccio brand was launched on the international market. Both father and son currently man the helm and their ideas and innovations are still at the top of the agenda.

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