SelektMeat product labels

SelektMeat Products is an independent producer of local and international meat labels in Europe and also has a growing portfolio of private labels. Every day, a great deal of passion goes into the production, sales and promotion in the out-of-home channel.

In addition to private-label and custom-made products SelektMeat markets two of its own labels: Fortuna Carpaccio and Frisian’s Best Meat.

Fortuna Carpaccios of the highest quality

Our mission is to supply the market with top-quality carpaccios. Fresh from the freezer, cut to size and on the table in a flash. Fortuna Carpaccio is available in eleven different varieties. Discover the best from the world of carpaccio!

Frisian’s Best Meat is best known for its quality meat

The meat that we use comes from the most reputable slaughterhouses in the Netherlands. For example, our pulled pork uses the very best pork butt, with the exactly the right veining. This enables us to produce the tenderest of pulled pork.

Pulled pork is a typical example of slow cooking. The parts of the butt are cooked and smoked at a low temperature and then pulled. We produce the pulled pork in ‘Ready to Serve’ slices or as a single ‘Pull it Yourself’ cut.

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